The best performing types blog advertisement

Apr 09, 14 blog advertisements

The search giant Google has been dictating the tempo of how marketers, bloggers and publishers do their things in the web adapting from each search-algorithm issued by the company. And as of the moment, it’s really a battle to get into the top of the search, where you need to consider every aspects of content, site speed, quality and social presence. For all the hard work and time you put just to fulfill these aspects the return should be considerable enough to get you going. So here are the types of advertisement placements which is best performing per site’s traffic and quality.

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Adsense Alternative: LinkVehicle

Aug 21, 13

We have already added some posts talking about the Adsense alternatives, and right now what we have here is LinkVehicle. This is a pretty decent advertising platform that we have been using for a while now. It’s currently on the 50/50 based commission but the trick is that you have the power to setup what will be the rates for the advertising options available on your site. You can freely adjust the rates based on your targeted amount.

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Are you still opening your Adsense account?

Oct 18, 12 Adsense Penguin update

After the tremendous effects Google Panda and Penguin updates on our websites trimming down our traffic, page rank and specially our Adsense income, are you still opening your Adsense account? Do you have plans on searching for any good alternatives for the epic advertising platform?

Adsense Penguin update

Demoralized with Adsense

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has gone down from 100% income from Adsense to demoralizing 10% to 20% income, in a span of 2-3 months when Google Penguin was rolled out back in April. So every day, instead of my habit of opening my Adsense account whenever I opened my computer, now I almost forgot that I have that account, I’m not even wondering how much I earned for the month, day, hours that I was very eager to know in earlier times.

It’s time to move on

Yes, I believe it’s time to find other advertising alternatives. One of the most efficient and worthwhile I believe was the Amazon Affiliate though it’s limited to the range of tech, autos, gadgets, cellphones, virtual media and ebooks themed websites. And a perfect timing to enter the affiliate would be on the Holiday shopping season. Actually there are many advertising platforms available on the net, you just have to experiment with it and check their reviews along with its user experiences.

But wait, there’s more

Lately, I see improvements on my site’s traffic; I don’t know if Google have finally tuned their algorithm properly, though it puzzles me if your site is penalized, the ads that Adsense will display on your placements will be low quality and low paying too. I’m not about this but it seemed, based from what’s currently reflecting on my Adsense account. Don’t you think?

Now to end, are you still looking for your daily Adsense income, or have you accessed your account lately?

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Google shut down about 800,000 advertisers and blocked over 130 million ads

Apr 12, 12

The internet-mobile OS giant Google have just announced they have shut down about 800,000 advertisers and blocked over 130 million ads from showing up on their network to iron out rogue advertisers making the system safe, much of showing how the company manage ad safety and their constant battle with bad ads and advertisers.

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Make Your Blog Profitable

Aug 05, 11

It seems that blogging is American’s newest profession as millions turn to blogging as a source for information, income, and advice. Of course, the “profession” aspect of it should be taken lightly because most people blog out of a need to express themselves. It’s a labor of love and they want to be heard. There are a selective few, though, that use their blog as an income vehicle. If you’re interested in turning your blogging hours into profit, here’s a list of some of the ways you can do that:

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Earn money from your mobile assets with Google AdSense and AdMob

May 07, 11 Google Adsense and Admob

Recently we have just received a mail from Adsense newsletter about the new extended coverage of Advertising platform with mobile Adsense and Admob. However before we dip in this new program we want to hear from our blogger followers who have already implemented this new product from Google. If you want to know more about the Google’s mobile advertising check out the preview we got after the break.

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What if you don’t receive your Google Adsense verification PIN?

Did it happen to you? You don’t receive your Google Adsense verification PIN? Well, it happens to me. First, gone out crazy when I have re-sends the three available PIN request and still I don’t received the postcard. This merely happens when you reach the $100 threshold limit to withdraw money with your Adsense.

First thing to do, after you have re-sends the last request PIN is wait until almost 4 weeks from the date you request PIN is generated. After and if you still don’t receive the mail, time to mail the Google Adsense Team about the issue of “PIN hold” due to failed verification. You may find the email link highlighted at your “My Account” Tab.

I’m impressed with the quick response and reply for my inquiry. Within hours they have a sweet reply. Telling me to email a digital copy of any of the following any valid Government issued ID, telephone bill, or bank statement with address prior to the address you indicated in your Adsense Account. Note that the Address in the ID, telephone bill, or bank statement should match your Adsense Address. They will reject if not. In my case, I have indicated my present city address in my Adsense account for availability and the government ID I send have my provincial address so I got rejected, and they’re asking for another valid ID etc.. What I do is I replied to the mail saying that I’ve updated my Adsense address to my present provincial address. After few hours, the sweetest reply comes telling that they’ve removed the PIN hold.

Hope this helps, to those beginners and fellow bloggers who encounters same Google Adsense problem.

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