Building Your Own Website vs. Paying a Professional: Choosing the right approach for your site

Dec 23, 14 Building Your Own Website vs. Paying a Professional: Choosing the right approach for your site

So, you’ve decided to launch a new website. You know exactly what it should look like, what it should do, and how you’ll entice people to visit. The only thing you’re not sure of is who’s going to do it.

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Money Tips for the Unemployed

Nov 18, 13 Money Tips for the Unemployed

In today’s economy, having a stable is absolutely crucial. A steady stream of income allows an individual to save, and pay for his daily expenses. But whether you were fired or you resigned, or if unfortunately, your company had to close down, unemployment is never an ideal position to be in. Almost everyone has been in a challenging place career-wise.

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Google Updates Blogger for iOS

Dec 19, 12 Google Updates Blogger for iOS

Travel or on-the-go bloggers will love this new app update from Google, as the search and mobile OS giant throws a new optimized version of Blogger for iOS, this time utilizing the 4-inch iPhone 5 display which seemed to be adapted also on new iPhone accessories outed to fit for this new larger device.

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How to Speed Up Your Site

Jul 03, 12 How to Speed Up Your Site

When we’re talking about site speed the aesthetics boils down to the page load and its capability to withstand sudden traffic spike from incoming linking from highly trafficked sites such reddit or your post get sourced to a post of Engadget. The page load is even more crucial as mighty Google is using site speed as a signal in its search algorithm even Yahoo! and a small deviation on a normal 3-second rule can kill your conversion rate.

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How to Add Blogger’s Dynamic Views

Nov 03, 11 How to Add Blogger’s Dynamic Views

Blogger Dynamic Views

As promised, Google is rolling out seven new Dynamic Views in Blogger that use to customize your blog. The new interactive layouts utilize the latest web technologies such AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3 that makes a compelling 40-percent faster loading speed compared to traditional templates. Dynamic Views will cater unique browsing experience that will sure to entice your readers to explore your blog. It will also bring your old entries out of your archives so they’ll be freshly brought to the surface again.

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How to Overcome Fear When Blogging

Sep 09, 11 How to Overcome Fear When Blogging

Staring at a blank page can be a humbling experience. Sometimes you feel like the white background of Microsoft Word is mocking your inability to come up with anything creative. Many people who want to get into writing for the Internet might start a blog and never come up with content because of fear of a lack of ideas, sub-par design skills, or fear that no one will read what they have to say. By taking a step back and not concentrating on writing or design for a second, you can find valuable inspiration and resources to quell your fears. 

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Make Your Blog Profitable

Aug 05, 11 Make Your Blog Profitable

It seems that blogging is American’s newest profession as millions turn to blogging as a source for information, income, and advice. Of course, the “profession” aspect of it should be taken lightly because most people blog out of a need to express themselves. It’s a labor of love and they want to be heard. There are a selective few, though, that use their blog as an income vehicle. If you’re interested in turning your blogging hours into profit, here’s a list of some of the ways you can do that:

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Premium Elegant WordPress Themes

May 07, 11 Premium Elegant WordPress Themes

Premium Elegant WordPress Themes

From simple XML to PHP customization and from limited to full control —-definitely you know what we’re talking here, from Blogger platform to WordPress. It seems to be a normal transition from free blogging platform for beginner then go hosted domains as you progress. One of the luxuries you can enjoy when you move to WordPress is the premium fully-controlled templates. The learning curve could be really that short knowing the resources you could access openly in the internet. Let’s say PHP or simple HTML CSS coding. Have you noticed that have implemented a new template from Elegant WordPress Themes (EWT). We also implemented new template coming from their resources, a really good-looking template for the The Mac Herald.

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Free Blogger Template Download: Deems

Apr 26, 11 Free Blogger Template Download: Deems

Like NewsSense, Deems is a free blogger template based from WordPress 3 columns template. It’s deemed magazine-styled layout sporting tabs, slideshow, drop-down menus and post-thumbnails. You gonna love the two right sidebar perfectly sized for advertisements and easy-impressions links for your blog.

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Free Blogger Template Download: MusicStore

Apr 26, 11 Free Blogger Template Download: MusicStore

MusicStore is an excellent layout for music blogs. The free Blogger template shadows another 2 columns WordPress creations featuring slideshow, drop-down menus, post thumbnails and footer columns. At this time, Blogger developer seemed stepping up for layout and functionality giving the sense that you can never tell which is running in WordPress or Blogger platform.

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