Creative Writing Services: GRADE Samples Can Make All the Difference for Your Skills

May 29, 18

Some students breeze through their creative writing assignments without breaking a sweat – it just comes natural to them. They don’t have to think twice about which stylistic device to use at each point, how to organize their thoughts, how to express them and how to tie it all together in a single essay or paper. However, if you are reading this article right now you probably don’t belong to these chosen few and have to slog through every assignment with the rest of your classmates who don’t have this sort of aptitude. If you are tired of being intimidated by creative writing jobs assigned to you by your professors, there is a way to improve your skills reasonably fast. We are talking about buying writing samples written by professional authors specializing at this kind of work to study their work and understand what makes it tick. At first you will have to simply borrow their techniques, but by seeing them in action you will be able to get better yourself and improve your writing fairly quickly.

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PPC Advertising – A Powerful Tool For Your Business

Nov 07, 17

PPC (Pay per Click) is the form of digital marketing where businesses pay a certain amount (which is determined through bidding for their relevant keywords) whenever a visitor gets to their website by clicking on one of their ads. It’s a great way to boost your brand reputation, product / service awareness, as well as the best way for new businesses to get valuable traffic, something that’s especially difficult for them. While SEO can get you on top of search engine results without having to pay for every visitor, PPC will do it much faster and you’ll actually be able to get very accurate data about what’s working and what isn’t.

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Interacting with Your Users Through Content Creation on Blogs

Jun 27, 17 Writing Skills

Everyone knows the benefits of having a blog on their website — it can help to increase traffic, sales and even loyalty. There are a few ways you can go about making the visitors of your site become readers and from there, you need to interact with them to keep them engaged and coming back for more. A lot of people build blogs on their site and don’t nurture it. It takes more than just posting up blogs every now and then. Readers on the Web are always browsing for something, whether it’s products/services to buy or information and news. If you can offer any of these on a regular basis, you are more likely to have more visitors — even if they aren’t repeat visitors. But the goal here today is to become more engaged with the readers of your site. Doing so can lead to loyal visitors who will continuously come back to your site. Here are some ideas you can use to interact with your users via blog content.

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9 Tools to Improve Your Online Writing Skills     

Jun 10, 16 Writing Skills

It is safe to say that the online world is still growing. To stay in line with the new technologies, it is important to use well known tools to your own advantage and keep track of all content writing tips that are available online. Sounds easy, right?

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Become a better webmaster with 5 free resources

Sep 23, 15

Maintaining a website isn’t that easy. You need to be knowledgeable on the latest design trends, use A/B testing to improve your conversion rates, ensure that you have an informative and easily navigable site, make the most out of traffic reports, ensure your layouts are responsive and even deal with security issues like bots and hackers trying to pinpoint weaknesses in your defense and insert malicious code.

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Building Your Own Website vs. Paying a Professional: Choosing the right approach for your site

Dec 23, 14 Premium Elegant Wordpress Themes

So, you’ve decided to launch a new website. You know exactly what it should look like, what it should do, and how you’ll entice people to visit. The only thing you’re not sure of is who’s going to do it.

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Top 3 Tip For Bloggers To Build A Community Around Their Blog

Mar 05, 14 Top 3 Tip For Bloggers To Build A Community Around Their Blog

Bloggers are always looking out for effective strategies to increase the traffic. One very effective strategy is to build the community related to your blog. It has lot of advantages except reader loyalty. Wondering what they are? Community is an easy way to get feedback, responsiveness to the suggestions and last but not the least decent reception of the products. These reasons are enough to convince you. Now if you are worried how to build an effective community around the blog, then the below given tips will help:

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Google Analytics’ Speed Suggestions Report

Nov 06, 13 Google Site Speed

It has been proven that there is a considerable weight on Google’s algorithm when your site’s loading speed is fast enough to get in on top of your targeted searches. The company even provide a tool PageSpeed Insights from its Google’s Developer site. But apparently, it’s almost hidden to mass bloggers and webmasters –or let us say potential users to utilize. Fortunately, the search giant finally integrate this tool to Google Analytics.

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MaxCDN to speed up your site even more

Jul 10, 13

Site’s load speed is one of the most basic yet one of the most powerful credentials to generate online traffic which can be easily translated to revenue. And this has been one of our challenges on our server which has been crippled down by multiple-shutdowns during peak time due to traffic spike. After a month of optimization, from server configuration, template and plugins update as well adding cache mechanism and CDN to fasten up and optimized the server resources –we finally made a stable and optimized server.

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Improving your blog’s SEO through Robots.txt and Canonical Headers

Jun 26, 13

Search engine like Google gathers information and search results in the world wide web through their crawlers which has been also known as bots or spiders. They scan your site or blog and take every information they can, index them to throw them in your searches if ever you’re asking for that related information. The bots can even look at your sites confidential information if ever you’re not aware on how to maintain the robots.txt which somehow acts like a security guard to tell spiders on which directory they can indexed. Without this, your site might be in compromised for possible online leakage –with your sensitive information popping up on search results.

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