How to optimize your site with recent Penguin and Panda update

May 09, 12

Noticed a great changes on your search traffic, rankings and forms of advertising that some direct advertisers quoted on your site? These significant changes could be the results of Google’s recent Penguin and Panda Update. Now if you’re looking for on how you can optimize your site against these Google updates, the first step, you need to know the reasons for penalization somehow like a reputationdefender. Learn more after the break.

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Social Media: A Blogger’s X Factor

Feb 21, 12

Contrary to one’s belief, being a blogger is actually hard work. How so? In a digital age, an individual can’t help but be overwhelmed by so much data and information on the net. Some people choose to stop and take notice of, while some people just choose to snub posts entirely. There’s always constant competition for the public’s attention and oftentimes, it’s hard to arrive at the desired results. In effect, it’s all about managing one’s expectations and the reality of things in the world of blogging. As of date, blogging has become the latest alternative as a means of income for some lucky individuals. 

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How to improve website’s SEO and Page-load speed

Jan 09, 12

Looking to expand your business through internet? Then developing a website is mere a start of the journey. You got to bring it to the eyes of the masses, to your potential customers. The site must have a high rank in search engines and when visited it should be loaded in no time.

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How to Add Blogger’s Dynamic Views

Nov 03, 11 Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger Dynamic Views

As promised, Google is rolling out seven new Dynamic Views in Blogger that use to customize your blog. The new interactive layouts utilize the latest web technologies such AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3 that makes a compelling 40-percent faster loading speed compared to traditional templates. Dynamic Views will cater unique browsing experience that will sure to entice your readers to explore your blog. It will also bring your old entries out of your archives so they’ll be freshly brought to the surface again.

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How to Maintain a Music Blog

Oct 10, 11

Everyone knows that their taste in music is better than the next guy’s. Sites like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and BlabberMouth have experienced writers who are so wrapped up in the music business themselves that they can’t give an honest opinion. In order to combat the monopolization the music industry has over what we listen to, bloggers have been promoting local musicians and new albums for years now. There are a lot of bad bloggers out there with low quality content and shoddy advice. Here are some ways you can be the Led Zeppelin of music blogging instead of the Phil Collins: 

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Blog Stuck in a Rut? Consider Polling Your Readers

Sep 21, 11

Blogging isn’t always easy and requires blog owners to constantly be creating new and unique content. However, constantly coming up with interesting topics to write about can seem impossible at times, and often leads writers to get stuck in a rut. 

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Protecting Your Brand and Your Blog

Sep 15, 11

If you are a blogger, then your entire online presence relies on the credibility of your image, otherwise known as your brand. As a blogger, you are marketing yourself. You want to be seen as an authority on a specific subject matter. However, if you don’t manage your image correctly through adequate Online Reputation Management, you could be putting your blog at risk.  

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How To Meet The Content Needs Of Your Blog

Aug 16, 11

If you’re starting out or your blog is finally growing, the demands for content is going to increase steadily. People want fresh content as frequently as possible. Ideally, you should be posting multiple sources of fresh content every day. This is difficult if all of the responsibility of running a Virtual Office, talking with publishers, and creating the materiel is placed squarely on one or two individuals. The process can get bogged down in the overwhelming demands. If you’re having trouble reaching your production goals, then consider some of these options:

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Make Your Blog Profitable

Aug 05, 11

It seems that blogging is American’s newest profession as millions turn to blogging as a source for information, income, and advice. Of course, the “profession” aspect of it should be taken lightly because most people blog out of a need to express themselves. It’s a labor of love and they want to be heard. There are a selective few, though, that use their blog as an income vehicle. If you’re interested in turning your blogging hours into profit, here’s a list of some of the ways you can do that:

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How to Speed Website Loading using PHP Flush

Yahoo! Developer Network’s best practices for speeding up your website shares a lot of tactics to makes web pages load faster. Though most of the tips there was already practiced by most webmasters, the PHP flush function throw an intrigue to me for it was something new. And I thought the steps on applying these site speed optimization technique was quite easy so giving it a try for less than 2 minutes –ultimately, the site response time to load up have positively decreased taking few milliseconds from the normal time. Totally in a snap, you get a more fast response using the PHP flush function. Check out on how to easily implement it on your websites, the template isn’t an issue but not sure about some plugins.

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