What is WordPress?

Feb 12, 18

WordPress, initially, was designed to make blogging easy, but it quickly became the fastest growing CMS platform. Over the years, the system’s developers have expanded its functionality to allow users to create complicated websites. It is considered very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

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What Are Responsive WordPress Themes and Are They Worth the Extra Effort?

Apr 14, 15 Premium Elegant Wordpress Themes

WordPress themes can provide a quick shortcut to having an awesome looking website on both the front end (the side the visitor sees) and the back end (the site’s administrative interface). More recently, the field of responsive WordPress design has given WordPress users another valued shortcut, to having a site that is cross-platform compatible and able to adapt to a variety of devices and browser types.

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Building Your Own Website vs. Paying a Professional: Choosing the right approach for your site

Dec 23, 14 Premium Elegant Wordpress Themes

So, you’ve decided to launch a new website. You know exactly what it should look like, what it should do, and how you’ll entice people to visit. The only thing you’re not sure of is who’s going to do it.

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Money Tips for the Unemployed

Nov 18, 13 Content Writing

In today’s economy, having a stable is absolutely crucial. A steady stream of income allows an individual to save, and pay for his daily expenses. But whether you were fired or you resigned, or if unfortunately, your company had to close down, unemployment is never an ideal position to be in. Almost everyone has been in a challenging place career-wise.

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How to speed up your multiple WordPress sites running on VPS

Dec 13, 12 How to speedup sites

How to speedup sites

Page load speed could be a key factor  to start a business online, basically it’s like setting your first impression to your customers, the faster the better. So what if your site’s page load speed is terrible enough to have plenty of possible business opportunities taken away by your competitors? What can you do to optimize your hosting and your site?

We had worked several weeks with Liquidweb support on an issue for a terrible Time To First Byte(TTFB) speed and it turns out to be a collective issue when you’re running multiple sites(WordPress) on a single server. Along with this issue, will be periodical shutdown of your server mainly by server overload as a results of multiple processes eating your server resources abnormally. So here are few simple steps that we have implemented on each site to improve and optimize the overall server and site performances.

1. First determine which WordPress plugins are utilizing resources that you think affecting your site’s loading speed. You can evaluate it by using, P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin. P3 will show you a pie graph of each plugin that is running on your site with their utilization. From here, you can eliminate them one by one, or you can find other alternative plugins that is doing the same thing yet utilizing just enough resources. The good example for this one, will be the Digg Digg plugins that shows terrible impact on my site’s load speed, thus replacing this with same AA’s Digg Digg Alternative plugins shows good result.

2. Once you’ve eliminate all unnecessary plugins, now move on configuring each site’s W3 Total Cache plugins along with the CDN configuration. I’m using MaxCDN on my side and as shared server, you need to configure it using the default “Disk or Disk Enhanced” for each cache option. I tried using “Memcache” but unfortunately when you test it using WebPageTest, the “Disk” setup performs better. Drop me an email and I can send you the exported setup of my W3 Cache.

3. Now see the improvements of your site’s load speed. You can check it using the WebPageTest. Note that you need to apply each optimization steps on each site on your server.

After these few steps, tell us how your site load improvements? Currently, all sites on my VPS loads on less than 10 seconds on first page load and less than 3 seconds on second page visit —-this is ultimately 50% better than my previous setup.

If you can suggest other steps to improve site load that you’ve already implemented, feel free to share it on the comment line.

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How to Speed Up Your Site

Jul 03, 12

When we’re talking about site speed the aesthetics boils down to the page load and its capability to withstand sudden traffic spike from incoming linking from highly trafficked sites such reddit or your post get sourced to a post of Engadget. The page load is even more crucial as mighty Google is using site speed as a signal in its search algorithm even Yahoo! and a small deviation on a normal 3-second rule can kill your conversion rate.

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How to Overcome Fear When Blogging

Sep 09, 11

Staring at a blank page can be a humbling experience. Sometimes you feel like the white background of Microsoft Word is mocking your inability to come up with anything creative. Many people who want to get into writing for the Internet might start a blog and never come up with content because of fear of a lack of ideas, sub-par design skills, or fear that no one will read what they have to say. By taking a step back and not concentrating on writing or design for a second, you can find valuable inspiration and resources to quell your fears. 

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Timthumb script version 1.3.4 have a serious security vulnerability

Aug 05, 11

I have just received this email about the potential vulnerabilities brought by the timthumb script used on my wordpress blog. “There have been reports that versions prior to 1.3.4 of timthumb script have a serious security vulnerability that allows hackers to access sensitive information from your web server via the script.” Now what you need to do based on this email is update your current template to its latest version or fully overwrite the timthumb.php file on your server with this one: http://timthumb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/timthumb.php. Applying this fix or update is highly recommended, you better act now. Check out the email from elegant themes after the break to find out more.

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Make Your Blog Profitable

Aug 05, 11

It seems that blogging is American’s newest profession as millions turn to blogging as a source for information, income, and advice. Of course, the “profession” aspect of it should be taken lightly because most people blog out of a need to express themselves. It’s a labor of love and they want to be heard. There are a selective few, though, that use their blog as an income vehicle. If you’re interested in turning your blogging hours into profit, here’s a list of some of the ways you can do that:

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How to Speed Website Loading using PHP Flush

Yahoo! Developer Network’s best practices for speeding up your website shares a lot of tactics to makes web pages load faster. Though most of the tips there was already practiced by most webmasters, the PHP flush function throw an intrigue to me for it was something new. And I thought the steps on applying these site speed optimization technique was quite easy so giving it a try for less than 2 minutes –ultimately, the site response time to load up have positively decreased taking few milliseconds from the normal time. Totally in a snap, you get a more fast response using the PHP flush function. Check out on how to easily implement it on your websites, the template isn’t an issue but not sure about some plugins.

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