How your Website Benefits from Cloud Hosting

Jun 11, 18

The boom of cloud infrastructure has given rise to Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting has started gaining popularity over the last few years and the way Cloud Hosting is structured is also different compared to traditional hosting types like Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. If you want to understand Cloud Hosting better and get to know how it can benefit your website, you are in the right place.

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Which laptop should you use as a blogger?

Apr 19, 17

Many people assume that blogging involves being in one place for most of the time; so why would you even need a laptop. Is a desktop not the best option? The truth is that most bloggers need to move around quite a lot. There may be a story to follow or an event to attend; you may need to interview someone.

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Tools To Manage Your Virtual Staff

Aug 11, 16

The business team of today includes office personnel, “in the field” workers, and remote or virtual staff. Smart businesses have discovered that utilizing freelance workers saves time and money on many different levels. Business expense is kept low because virtual workers and freelancers do not require traditional benefits such as insurance, retirement, sick pay, holiday pay, or over-time. Office space is reserved for the employee that is on the company clock. However, as the footprint of the modern business is created, supervisors and managers find it challenging to keep up with responsibilities and assignments of virtual and field workers. Jobs, contracts, and virtual assignments are given to various people in order to keep a job on schedule. While the work is to be completed by freelancers, virtual workers, and in the field workers, the job management, and tracking (and re-hiring of new field workers) is done by someone in your company. In order to accomplish this, businesses must work smarter.  Today’s business manager has a host of tools available that were created and designed to track jobs and associates from anywhere and to merge functionality allowing efficient tracking.

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30 Tools That No Designer Can Live Without

May 16, 16 design

A comprehensive list of the best software, apps, tools, skills, websites and resources to help designers streamline their work, find inspiration easily, show off their amazing design skills, and make collaboration easier. This one is from ‘Precision Printing’ and you can download a copy here.

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How To Build a Web-optimized Website

Apr 13, 16 website builder

How to make a website? A question that can be answered by several ways. You can take the hard-approach of coding it yourself, you can use a website builder or have a hassle-free development by hiring a professional website developer to do everything for you.

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Become a better webmaster with 5 free resources

Sep 23, 15

Maintaining a website isn’t that easy. You need to be knowledgeable on the latest design trends, use A/B testing to improve your conversion rates, ensure that you have an informative and easily navigable site, make the most out of traffic reports, ensure your layouts are responsive and even deal with security issues like bots and hackers trying to pinpoint weaknesses in your defense and insert malicious code.

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How Software Helps Small Businesses in the Digital Age

Sep 17, 15

Running a small business is never easy, and taking steps to increase efficiency and lower cost is vital to the success of the company. By addressing these two points, business owners can give themselves a head start towards creating a decent bottom line for their enterprise.

Software developers are aware of this need from the business community and over the last couple of decades the innovation that has come from the tech sector is truly astounding. Here we explore some of the most popular pieces of software for the smaller business and find out how each can help them reach the Holy Grail – higher profits.

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How Norton Secures Websites & You

Mar 23, 15

In an article published by Business Insider in 2012, there are approximately 644 million active websites in the entire worldwide web. That’s a LOT. And that number is steadily growing, as more domain names are registered every day.

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Building Your Own Website vs. Paying a Professional: Choosing the right approach for your site

Dec 23, 14 Premium Elegant Wordpress Themes

So, you’ve decided to launch a new website. You know exactly what it should look like, what it should do, and how you’ll entice people to visit. The only thing you’re not sure of is who’s going to do it.

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Casinos and their web design

Jun 05, 14

Many people today enjoy playing their favourite casino games at online casinos and these sites have been created with a lot of thought behind them. Numerous aspects of these sites of been purposefully planned with player use in mind. By putting together a website with important design features that make the site easier for consumers to utilize.

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