How Information Travels From Your Computer to Data Centers [Infographic]

Apr 15, 14

Here’s an infographic to give you a quick and truly informative data on how information travels from your personal computer to data centers. A great thing to know how you’re daily communication through social networks or simply browsing the internet works in the background. The infographic also reveals some good stats about our internet usage, so check it out after the break.

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The best performing types blog advertisement

Apr 09, 14 blog advertisements

The search giant Google has been dictating the tempo of how marketers, bloggers and publishers do their things in the web adapting from each search-algorithm issued by the company. And as of the moment, it’s really a battle to get into the top of the search, where you need to consider every aspects of content, site speed, quality and social presence. For all the hard work and time you put just to fulfill these aspects the return should be considerable enough to get you going. So here are the types of advertisement placements which is best performing per site’s traffic and quality.

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Mobile App, Mobile Gadgets And The Internet

Mar 19, 14

With smartphones and tablets taking over the world’s computing scene, it is expected that this will be taking a toll at how the internet is accessed and used. But just how much? We take a look here.

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Money Tips for the Unemployed

Nov 18, 13 Content Writing

In today’s economy, having a stable is absolutely crucial. A steady stream of income allows an individual to save, and pay for his daily expenses. But whether you were fired or you resigned, or if unfortunately, your company had to close down, unemployment is never an ideal position to be in. Almost everyone has been in a challenging place career-wise.

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Google Analytics’ Speed Suggestions Report

Nov 06, 13 Google Site Speed

It has been proven that there is a considerable weight on Google’s algorithm when your site’s loading speed is fast enough to get in on top of your targeted searches. The company even provide a tool PageSpeed Insights from its Google’s Developer site. But apparently, it’s almost hidden to mass bloggers and webmasters –or let us say potential users to utilize. Fortunately, the search giant finally integrate this tool to Google Analytics.

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An Awesome Social Media Guide for SMEs

Aug 27, 13 Social Media

If you are a micro, small or medium sized business without a dedicated marketing department, or the budget to invest in an advertising campaign, social media may be the answer for you.

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Adsense Alternative: LinkVehicle

Aug 21, 13

We have already added some posts talking about the Adsense alternatives, and right now what we have here is LinkVehicle. This is a pretty decent advertising platform that we have been using for a while now. It’s currently on the 50/50 based commission but the trick is that you have the power to setup what will be the rates for the advertising options available on your site. You can freely adjust the rates based on your targeted amount.

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Improving your blog’s SEO through Robots.txt and Canonical Headers

Jun 26, 13

Search engine like Google gathers information and search results in the world wide web through their crawlers which has been also known as bots or spiders. They scan your site or blog and take every information they can, index them to throw them in your searches if ever you’re asking for that related information. The bots can even look at your sites confidential information if ever you’re not aware on how to maintain the robots.txt which somehow acts like a security guard to tell spiders on which directory they can indexed. Without this, your site might be in compromised for possible online leakage –with your sensitive information popping up on search results.

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Online Website Marketing: The truth about colors

Jun 03, 13

Are you into online marketing? Are you wondering why your website is not getting the traffic that you hoped it would get? Are you frustrated selling your innovative new gadget to people and being shrugged off? This might be of help to you.

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Attracting a large crowd of people on the internet

Mar 20, 13

Online advertising is highly beneficial and gives you lot of advantages. Online advertisement gives a great impact; here I can quote a story about that. “One day I was just surfing internet and I clicked on a moving advertisement by chance, which was coming in front of me again and again. At first, I was annoyed at the thing, that I never intended to click the advertisement but it by chance came in front of my mouse and it was clicked automatically. These kinds of pop ups sometimes disturb me while surfing the internet; however, the very next moment when I saw that the advertisement was about a new upcoming car, I became interested about the features of the car. I read the complete features and decided to book the car at once.”

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