4 Top Tips For Preventing Fraud In Your Business

Apr 12, 19

No business owner wants to have to deal with fraudulent behaviour but sometimes, serious red flags can slip through the cracks. Preventing fraud in your business is not as difficult as you might think as there are ways that you can be proactive against it.

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PPC Advertising – A Powerful Tool For Your Business

Nov 07, 17

PPC (Pay per Click) is the form of digital marketing where businesses pay a certain amount (which is determined through bidding for their relevant keywords) whenever a visitor gets to their website by clicking on one of their ads. It’s a great way to boost your brand reputation, product / service awareness, as well as the best way for new businesses to get valuable traffic, something that’s especially difficult for them. While SEO can get you on top of search engine results without having to pay for every visitor, PPC will do it much faster and you’ll actually be able to get very accurate data about what’s working and what isn’t.

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How Much Do We Know about Online vs Offline Marketing?

Jul 07, 16 offline and online marketing

As part of product distribution activities, marketing holds a pivotal role in saving activities. We cannot deny the importance of marketing.  People need to know about the products and services from the company. They should also identify the reason why they should buy products or services. Through centuries, people have used different ways in marketing the products. In today’s youth, the modern era, marketing becomes more attractive since we’ve discovered another excellent strategy in marketing products or services of  company: online marketing.

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Get great at using social media for customer service

Jun 24, 16 Social Media

We will always argue that every business, no matter how small, should have an online presence.

But opening your business up on social media will welcome public interaction. This means that people will use it as a channel for customer service – whether you want it or not.

So it’s time to step your game up! At the very least, make sure you’re providing a quality customer service that will keep customers coming back and maybe even spreading the word.

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Five Simple Adjustments to Incorporate Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Dec 06, 15

When you’re using email marketing in your business, it’s important that your email marketing strategy gets your emails noticed – this means more people will read your emails and take action. In this article we’ll discuss five simple adjustments you can make to make your email marketing strategy more effective.

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Web App Security Tips of 2015

Oct 19, 15

Web applications are among the most attached online assets in the world. According to an article in DarkReading, 69% of web apps scanned by HP in 2014 had at least one SQL injection error, with 42% containing a cross-site scripting vulnerability. That’s insane! In a nutshell, that means that a good chunk of the world’s websites, big or small, are vulnerable to threat by any and all enterprising hacker with the right tools and determination.

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MailChimp vs Aweber vs GetResponse

Sep 23, 15

Most website owners would agree that email lists are one of their most valuable online assets. An email list represents a website’s loyal visitors, accumulated over a period of time mostly through the owner’s hardwork and determination, that have chosen to engage with you on a more deeper level than most site visitors. And since email is one of the more cost-effective way of promoting your website and its contents, effectively making use of your email list is a sure-fire way of monetization.

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Four Common Mistakes to Avoid With Your Website Content

May 06, 15 Top 3 Tip For Bloggers To Build A Community Around Their Blog

On the face of it, there doesn’t seem to be much to developing a successful web presence. Simply design a site, populate with some content and wait for the traffic to roll in. That’s all there is to it, right?

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How Norton Secures Websites & You

Mar 23, 15

In an article published by Business Insider in 2012, there are approximately 644 million active websites in the entire worldwide web. That’s a LOT. And that number is steadily growing, as more domain names are registered every day.

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Businesses Need To Buy All The Necessary Domain Names

Jul 24, 14 Domain Names

Businesses that are interested in building their online presence must make sure they are investing in domain names. One business should not own only one URL. A business should invest in every URL that is related with the name of their business. Owning property online helps a business to cover as much territory as possible. A business can redirect potential customers who typed one wrong letter, and a business can bring in customers who are searching for them with incorrect URL names.

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