Online Website Marketing: The truth about colors

Jun 03, 13

Are you into online marketing? Are you wondering why your website is not getting the traffic that you hoped it would get? Are you frustrated selling your innovative new gadget to people and being shrugged off? This might be of help to you.

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Attracting a large crowd of people on the internet

Mar 20, 13

Online advertising is highly beneficial and gives you lot of advantages. Online advertisement gives a great impact; here I can quote a story about that. “One day I was just surfing internet and I clicked on a moving advertisement by chance, which was coming in front of me again and again. At first, I was annoyed at the thing, that I never intended to click the advertisement but it by chance came in front of my mouse and it was clicked automatically. These kinds of pop ups sometimes disturb me while surfing the internet; however, the very next moment when I saw that the advertisement was about a new upcoming car, I became interested about the features of the car. I read the complete features and decided to book the car at once.”

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Ensure enhanced customer response by using free online classified advertising

Oct 19, 12 OLX

In the present times, there are many businesses that are present only in the online version and are being run as profitably as any other conventional business. In fact, an entire virtual business world exists on the World Wide Web today where all types of business activities are performed. One of these activities is advertising. Among the many advertising tools available for businesses today, online advertising is gaining prominence. And within it, it is online classified advertising that is finding favor among sellers as well as buyers.

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Facebook: Programmed for Revenue or Disaster?

Jul 12, 12 Facebook Revenue and Disaster

Facebook Revenue and DisasterFacebook is one of the most popular social networking site nowadays, seemingly it might be considered as necessity by most of its users. The Facebook users see 798 pages per person, per month that’s interestingly twice as many page views as Google. Add also the that in every 5 minutes online, 1 minute of it is spent on Facebook.The social networking tycoon also generate $3.7 billion revenue in 2011 that equates to $4.34 per user globally. Now this year with Google’s skyrocketing growth, Facebook seemed to be on the other way of slow progress, that has been relevant on its recent IPO. We don’t know if the timeline have something to do to annoy most of its users. Learn more with the infographic after the break.

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Easy Music Blogging with SoundCloud

May 09, 12

Music has a life of its own that attracts people to it. If it hasn’t, the world wouldn’t have placed bands and music artists in a pedestal, pouring millions of money on their heads for their compositions and music tracks. And bloggers breathe more life to these audio tracks when they write about them. It is easy to describe how a person feels after hearing a beautiful sound, especially when it touches him. However, if bloggers hope to share it to their readers, who might understand the meaning behind the song, words are not enough. They need to let the readers experience the same emotions and sentiments by listening to the music themselves.

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Google shut down about 800,000 advertisers and blocked over 130 million ads

Apr 12, 12

The internet-mobile OS giant Google have just announced they have shut down about 800,000 advertisers and blocked over 130 million ads from showing up on their network to iron out rogue advertisers making the system safe, much of showing how the company manage ad safety and their constant battle with bad ads and advertisers.

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The Social Networking Bill of Rights [Infographic]

Apr 07, 12

As our life become more and more digitally integrated in the internet whereas with almost share everything in different social networking sites. The results employers and colleges have started to request access to online personal profiles to learn more about us. The big question, should the normal human rights of privacy we have offline should be apply online?

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The Social Media Demographics

Mar 13, 12

Did you know that 66-percent of adult internet users are connected to one or more popular social media platforms. This social media trend has been increasing for the passed 10-years constantly, where users tend to compensate on these social media connections mostly for their business or personal intentions. To give you a brief statistics behind each of the most popular social media platforms you can find the demographics after the break,  ultimately this will give you the right idea on targeting the right viewers or followers for your campaign.

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Go Daddy lost 21,054 domains in wake of SOPA PR

Dec 29, 11

Once more Godaddy is in the verge of getting most of its customers away as it announced that it’ll be supporting SOPA. Though the ompany had reversed its decision to support SOPA that trigger 21,054 domains be transferred away from GoDaddy on Friday last Dec. 24th alone. Taking in the numbers the company have lost $147,167, not to mention future renewals along with other services the customer into account.

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Twitter Tips for the Wayward Blogger

Oct 28, 11

Twitter is a great way to build a following for your blog, but it’s a peculiar beast. It’s not like Facebook, where you can just ask someone to be your friend by clicking a button. Twitter requires you to be more aggressive and savvy if you want followers. You can attract a sizable micro-blogging readership without being Ashton Kutcher though. Especially if you’re promoting your blog, Twitter is an unparalleled way to attract attention. Here are some tips for things you can do to build a loyal fan-base for your tweets. 

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