Ensure enhanced customer response by using free online classified advertising

Oct 19, 12 OLX

In the present times, there are many businesses that are present only in the online version and are being run as profitably as any other conventional business. In fact, an entire virtual business world exists on the World Wide Web today where all types of business activities are performed. One of these activities is advertising. Among the many advertising tools available for businesses today, online advertising is gaining prominence. And within it, it is online classified advertising that is finding favor among sellers as well as buyers.

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Beware of Amazon Link Localizer WordPress Plugin

Oct 18, 12 Amazon Link Localizer Wordpress Plugin

I’ve been using this Amazon Link Localizer WordPress plugin for quite sometimes now and it leaves me no choice but to uninstall it as I become somehow annoyed for several times leaving my Amazon affiliate ID blank for all regions. I may accept it if I mistakenly update the plugin and don’t check if the region fields are all blank, but lately I don’t know I see it all the fields are blank without even an update.

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Are you still opening your Adsense account?

Oct 18, 12 Adsense Penguin update

After the tremendous effects Google Panda and Penguin updates on our websites trimming down our traffic, page rank and specially our Adsense income, are you still opening your Adsense account? Do you have plans on searching for any good alternatives for the epic advertising platform?

Adsense Penguin update

Demoralized with Adsense

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has gone down from 100% income from Adsense to demoralizing 10% to 20% income, in a span of 2-3 months when Google Penguin was rolled out back in April. So every day, instead of my habit of opening my Adsense account whenever I opened my computer, now I almost forgot that I have that account, I’m not even wondering how much I earned for the month, day, hours that I was very eager to know in earlier times.

It’s time to move on

Yes, I believe it’s time to find other advertising alternatives. One of the most efficient and worthwhile I believe was the Amazon Affiliate though it’s limited to the range of tech, autos, gadgets, cellphones, virtual media and ebooks themed websites. And a perfect timing to enter the affiliate would be on the Holiday shopping season. Actually there are many advertising platforms available on the net, you just have to experiment with it and check their reviews along with its user experiences.

But wait, there’s more

Lately, I see improvements on my site’s traffic; I don’t know if Google have finally tuned their algorithm properly, though it puzzles me if your site is penalized, the ads that Adsense will display on your placements will be low quality and low paying too. I’m not about this but it seemed, based from what’s currently reflecting on my Adsense account. Don’t you think?

Now to end, are you still looking for your daily Adsense income, or have you accessed your account lately?

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Facebook: Programmed for Revenue or Disaster?

Jul 12, 12 Facebook Revenue and Disaster

Facebook Revenue and DisasterFacebook is one of the most popular social networking site nowadays, seemingly it might be considered as necessity by most of its users. The Facebook users see 798 pages per person, per month that’s interestingly twice as many page views as Google. Add also the that in every 5 minutes online, 1 minute of it is spent on Facebook.The social networking tycoon also generate $3.7 billion revenue in 2011 that equates to $4.34 per user globally. Now this year with Google’s skyrocketing growth, Facebook seemed to be on the other way of slow progress, that has been relevant on its recent IPO. We don’t know if the timeline have something to do to annoy most of its users. Learn more with the infographic after the break.

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Featured: How to Travel and Work in IT

Jun 26, 12

Portable careers are becoming more and more popular as society becomes increasingly popular. People are becoming attracted to jobs that they can do from their backyard in Boston or from a coffee house in Copenhagen. Being free to travel and still make money and hold a job is a dream come true for many.

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How to optimize your site with recent Penguin and Panda update

May 09, 12

Noticed a great changes on your search traffic, rankings and forms of advertising that some direct advertisers quoted on your site? These significant changes could be the results of Google’s recent Penguin and Panda Update. Now if you’re looking for on how you can optimize your site against these Google updates, the first step, you need to know the reasons for penalization somehow like a reputationdefender. Learn more after the break.

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Google shut down about 800,000 advertisers and blocked over 130 million ads

Apr 12, 12

The internet-mobile OS giant Google have just announced they have shut down about 800,000 advertisers and blocked over 130 million ads from showing up on their network to iron out rogue advertisers making the system safe, much of showing how the company manage ad safety and their constant battle with bad ads and advertisers.

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How to improve website’s SEO and Page-load speed

Jan 09, 12

Looking to expand your business through internet? Then developing a website is mere a start of the journey. You got to bring it to the eyes of the masses, to your potential customers. The site must have a high rank in search engines and when visited it should be loaded in no time.

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Go Daddy lost 21,054 domains in wake of SOPA PR

Dec 29, 11

Once more Godaddy is in the verge of getting most of its customers away as it announced that it’ll be supporting SOPA. Though the ompany had reversed its decision to support SOPA that trigger 21,054 domains be transferred away from GoDaddy on Friday last Dec. 24th alone. Taking in the numbers the company have lost $147,167, not to mention future renewals along with other services the customer into account.

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Google rolls out new Algorithm impacts 35-percent of searches

Nov 04, 11

 Google have just announced an update to its search algorithm that the internet-giant claims will impact 35-percent of Web searches. The new search algorithm seats on top of the previous “Caffeine” update that aims to deliver more up-to-date and relevant search results, this will includes the breaking news, recent events and hot topics.

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