How blog reviews are engaging opportunities

Jul 17, 14 reviews

Nowadays, viral posts and videos are very common in the feed of social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter —-which can easily makes great spike of traffic or readers. And most of these viral posts are well written reviews with very interesting topics. And from here, it can generate opportunities for the product or brand that’s being reviewed. This will automatically raise awareness that a certain brand or product is available or can do a service for your needs —-or sometimes even for your gaming pleasure or travel. To give you a perfect example on how reviews can engage its readers for future opportunities, check out the the article we have after the break.

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Effective Marketing Through New Exciting iPad Apps

May 17, 13

The iPad along with its fellow iOS devices have gone into the world of marketing through its gaming and interactive apps. From its mobility and large ecosystem of apps on its Apps Store as well, not to mention the third party applications, you can imagine the possible reach and targeted audiences that can be hooked through this medium. One of the most common will be developing a game where anyone in the world can play, in realtime. Check out one of the game we have just reviewed below:

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Software Review: Movavi Video Converter 11

Sep 15, 11

You guys might be wondering what a Video Conversion software has got to do with blogging in general. We’ll tackle that in a bit but first, here’s a disclaimer. Given the nature of this program, we at Bloggergeeze would want to clarify that this software should only be used in legally acquired media and will only use the output for personal use. With that out of the way, here’s where we are. Whenever you post a media content to your personal site or blog, what you normally do is upload them to a streaming site like YouTube and embed the content from there. While that’s a good thing, there are certain limitations when uploading there, especially with licensed content. On that note, we’re here to present something that not only will help you in converting videos to a desired format, but as well as provide a means to utilize your video to your site.

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