How your Website Benefits from Cloud Hosting

Jun 11, 18

The boom of cloud infrastructure has given rise to Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting has started gaining popularity over the last few years and the way Cloud Hosting is structured is also different compared to traditional hosting types like Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. If you want to understand Cloud Hosting better and get to know how it can benefit your website, you are in the right place.

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Managing Data in Containers Using Docker Volumes

Jun 13, 16 Docker Volume

Docker volumes are very interesting. It started as a solution to storing persistent data on top of the read-only Docker containers. The way Docker volumes are implemented and used, however, is nothing short of fascinating. In this article, we are going to discuss how volumes work and how you can take advantage of Docker volumes to expand the functionalities of your Docker apps.

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Businesses Need To Buy All The Necessary Domain Names

Jul 24, 14 Domain Names

Businesses that are interested in building their online presence must make sure they are investing in domain names. One business should not own only one URL. A business should invest in every URL that is related with the name of their business. Owning property online helps a business to cover as much territory as possible. A business can redirect potential customers who typed one wrong letter, and a business can bring in customers who are searching for them with incorrect URL names.

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Tips for Using an FTP

Apr 07, 14 Dedicated Server

When you use dedicated web hosting services, you need to use an FTP to move your files onto the server. These are the files that form your website. Some could be site code pages, and some files may just be the images and the videos that you are using on those pages. All of the files have to be hosted on the server in order for the site to work correctly. The only other way to use a video is to embed one that is hosted on a different site, if you have the rights to do so.

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All-in-one Website Hosting Services

Jan 28, 14

It is easy to find FAQ sections of a website hosting URL services. The link is usually posted at the bottom or top of the site on a navigation bar. This toolbar can be easily read most of the time because it usually has its own theme apart from the main theme of the website.

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Cloud: the new cybercrime frontier?

Jul 06, 12 Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The cloud technology is relatively new but that hasn’t stopped people from flocking towards it in droves. But as with all thing tech based, with great user-ship comes great peril, and the cloud is no different. Of late, several firms have moved their services and software to cloud because it makes their lives easier in general. And they aren’t the only ones trusting cloud to make their lives easier, it would appear that hackers have the same idea pretty much. There’s a plethora of pc monitoring software and cell phone spy apps out there helping hackers and cyber criminals alike get access to data that they have no business touching. But the sad part is that they’re not using a malware or spyware to get into private data, they’re using the cloud infrastructure itself.

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Go Daddy lost 21,054 domains in wake of SOPA PR

Dec 29, 11

Once more Godaddy is in the verge of getting most of its customers away as it announced that it’ll be supporting SOPA. Though the ompany had reversed its decision to support SOPA that trigger 21,054 domains be transferred away from GoDaddy on Friday last Dec. 24th alone. Taking in the numbers the company have lost $147,167, not to mention future renewals along with other services the customer into account.

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Website Review: ServerClub Dedicated Hosting Services

Aug 27, 11

If you wanted to take a step further from the typical blogging and go to full-on online services, then what you need is a dedicated hosting service. A service that doesn’t only provide hosting and bandwidth but can cater to the client’s technical needs as well. What we have here then is just that. This is ServerClub. From the name alone you can probably have an idea of what their specialty is. Yes, dedicated server services, and they’re doing a good job at it too.

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Review: uCoz Free Website Builder

Aug 27, 11

Here at Bloggergeeze, we focus on making the most out of your blogs. Now, before we get started on that, we must first have a blog to make the most out of. There are a lot of free website builder services out there depending on the type of content you wish to publish. There’s Tumblr for those minimalist bloggers, then there’s the standards ones in Blogger or WordPress, or you can always do your own and buy some space to place it. When you pick the third option, you’ll have to do work in terms of configuration that most free services won’t give at the get go (at least without some charges). If you’re looking for some balance between customization and cost, then uCoz might offer the service you’ve been looking for.

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Things to Consider before buying a ColdFusion Hosting plan

Jul 13, 11

There are many people who want to get the ColdFusion Hosting service for their websites. It is not easy for a person to select the best service provider especially when there is great competition among ColdFusion Hosting Providers. However, you can pick up the best service provider by evaluating three main factors.

Functionality and features:

Normally, you need to buy a hosting service which comes with a wide range of features and functionalities. Before selecting the one, you have to check, which kinds of functionalities are offered by different service provide. It is advisable to choose one provider that lets you to use a number of value-added features at an affordable cost. The beginners should try to go for that service provider which provides adequate support for database functionality.

Upgrade option:

Before buying a service, ask from your service provide whether he is providing the future upgrade facility to you or not. Don’t subscribe for a plan that does not come with upgrade option.

Technical support:

A webmaster is not able to solve all the technical issues related to hosting therefore he should try to get that plan which come with adequate technical support option. It is good for you to ask about support program of service provider before to buy any plan. Make sure that you will get high level of technical support so that whenever you feel any problem then there are some experts who will resolve the issue for you.

Cost of Hosting plan:

Price is an important factor but you need to consider this factor after making consideration on above mentioned factors. It is possible that you find a plan come with low cost but without any value added features and technical support. Be rational whenever you are going to get a ColdFusion Hosting plan.

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