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Which laptop should you use as a blogger?

Apr 19, 17 Which laptop should you use as a blogger?

Many people assume that blogging involves being in one place for most of the time; so why would you even need a laptop. Is a desktop not the best option? The truth is that most bloggers need to move around quite a lot. There may be a story to follow or an event to attend; you may need to interview someone.

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Tools To Manage Your Virtual Staff

Aug 11, 16 Tools To Manage Your Virtual Staff

The business team of today includes office personnel, “in the field” workers, and remote or virtual staff. Smart businesses have discovered that utilizing freelance workers saves time and money on many different levels. Business expense is kept low because virtual workers and freelancers do not require traditional benefits such as insurance, retirement, sick pay, holiday pay, or over-time. Office space is reserved for the employee that is on the company clock. However, as the footprint of the modern business is created, supervisors and managers find it challenging to keep up with responsibilities and assignments of virtual and field workers. Jobs, contracts, and virtual assignments are given to various people in order to keep a job on schedule. While the work is to be completed by freelancers, virtual workers, and in the field workers, the job management, and tracking (and re-hiring of new field workers) is done by someone in your company. In order to accomplish this, businesses must work smarter.  Today’s business manager has a host of tools available that were created and designed to track jobs and associates from anywhere and to merge functionality allowing efficient tracking.

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How Much Do We Know about Online vs Offline Marketing?

Jul 07, 16 How Much Do We Know about Online vs Offline Marketing?

As part of product distribution activities, marketing holds a pivotal role in saving activities. We cannot deny the importance of marketing.  People need to know about the products and services from the company. They should also identify the reason why they should buy products or services. Through centuries, people have used different ways in marketing the products. In today’s youth, the modern era, marketing becomes more attractive since we’ve discovered another excellent strategy in marketing products or services of  company: online marketing.

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Get great at using social media for customer service

Jun 24, 16 Get great at using social media for customer service

We will always argue that every business, no matter how small, should have an online presence.

But opening your business up on social media will welcome public interaction. This means that people will use it as a channel for customer service – whether you want it or not.

So it’s time to step your game up! At the very least, make sure you’re providing a quality customer service that will keep customers coming back and maybe even spreading the word.

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Managing Data in Containers Using Docker Volumes

Jun 13, 16 Managing Data in Containers Using Docker Volumes

Docker volumes are very interesting. It started as a solution to storing persistent data on top of the read-only Docker containers. The way Docker volumes are implemented and used, however, is nothing short of fascinating. In this article, we are going to discuss how volumes work and how you can take advantage of Docker volumes to expand the functionalities of your Docker apps.

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9 Tools to Improve Your Online Writing Skills     

Jun 10, 16 9 Tools to Improve Your Online Writing Skills     

It is safe to say that the online world is still growing. To stay in line with the new technologies, it is important to use well known tools to your own advantage and keep track of all content writing tips that are available online. Sounds easy, right?

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Visual Aspects of a Website

Jun 04, 16 Visual Aspects of a Website

You want to choose a website template, but you don’t know which one is the right one? It is already difficult to choose things in our daily life, now imagine having to pick an online website template from thousands of choices! This could be a tough decision to make. There are various aspects to take into consideration when doing so, and one of the most important is in regards to the visual aspect.  The look and feel of a website should normally be able to project a certain image or theme that is appealing to you. A theme of a website can make it look attractive to people when they can easily relate to its particular theme.

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30 Tools That No Designer Can Live Without

May 16, 16 30 Tools That No Designer Can Live Without

A comprehensive list of the best software, apps, tools, skills, websites and resources to help designers streamline their work, find inspiration easily, show off their amazing design skills, and make collaboration easier. This one is from ‘Precision Printing’ and you can download a copy here.

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